Digital Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC) Meter – 72758

EC meter - 72758
Country of Origin
Branded Name
Easy button operation and can measure soil electrical conductivity (EC) and the temperature by pressing one time.
Finer resolution 1 μm S/cm so more precise measurement is possible.
Wide temperature measurement range liquid temperature measuring from 0 to 80°C.
Can Carry compact size pocket size, so, you can use out quickly.
Protects the body with case and can keep.
Measuring range   
Soil electrical conductivity   0-1999 S/cm 
Temperature  0-80°C
Soil electrical conductivity   ±0.1% (full scale)
Temperature  ±1°C
Minimum display (resolution)  1-S/cm
Waterproof   Protection rating IPX5
Power Supply  Oxidized silver battery SR 443 pieces.Short life for the battery comes with a monitor for you.
Auto power-off  approx. 5 minutes
Material   Main body: ABS plastic
Body size  37 x 180 mm
Net weight   83 g (incl. batteries)
Package   208 x 68 x 52 mm